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Mike Craft

Senior Healthcare Advisor

People who are new to Medicare often have a hard time sorting things out in the beginning. There are all these parts and plans with similar letters, which makes it hard to figure out what is what. You are bombarded with literature that is not only un-helpful, but also extremely overwhelming! The time it takes to stay up-to-date and navigate your way through the ever changing Medicare Programs, that includes using multiple web-sites, and marketing calls from different companies is very daunting!
That is what I will do for you at NO COST- Save YOU $ and Time!

I will do all the work, and together we can make the best decision for your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement choices. I will work for you to find the best plan to meet your needs.
Since I represent many of the top Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement companies in this area, you will only have to work with me, rather than dealing with each insurance company individually; And remember, I am able to provide this service at NO COST TO YOU!!!
Again, I do ALL the work! 

So please contact me, MIKE CRAFT,
ANY time at (951) 334- 2861 cell or
(951) 506-MIKE (6453) office
to make an appointment.
I will come to your home, or you can come to my office in Temecula, CA. I hope to hear from you soon, so I can show you how to save money and increase your benefits with Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plans.

Thank you,
Michael Craft

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"Saving You Money and Time"

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CA License # 0K77421